In our day to day life, we all do things that are highly correlated with our health. Some habits that we adopt are very helpful for living a healthy and happy life. Brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups are some good habits for healthy teeth but without even realizing, we practice some bad habits that can harm our dental health.

These habits do not show immediate results but can become a cause of concern if overlooked continuously. Some common habits that are unhealthy and can wreck our teeth are as follows:

• Chewing ice cubes can crack your teeth.
• Any kind of oral piercing can damage your gums and cause infection and sores in mouth.
• Using your teeth as a tool to open bottle caps and other plastic packaging can be harmful for your teeth. It can affect your dental work and crack your teeth.
• Soda is acidic and sugary. Drinking soda daily can be harmful for your teeth it can cause tooth decay.
• Nail biting is a bad habit that can crack your teeth and split enamel. Regularly nail biting can move your teeth out of place.
• Brushing roughly and immediately after eating can be harmful for your teeth. Brushing improperly and vigorously can damage your teeth and gums and cause sensitivity.
• Eating starchy junk food and snacks produce less saliva and can cause many dental problems.
• Chewing pen or pencil can also crack your teeth.
• Excessive tooth grinding habit can cause dental problems.
• Smoking and chewing tobacco is very harmful for your dental health. It can cause gum diseases, oral cancer and other serious health issues.
• Playing sports without mouth guard can damage your teeth while playing.

These are some bad habits that can ruin our dental health. Stay away from these habits and improve longevity of teeth. One must always visit for regular dental checkups for avoiding oral problems.