To ensure an efficient plumbing system, its regular maintenance is very essential. Leaky pipes are the most common plumbing problem you often face. It can lead to serious damages if not detected and repaired promptly.

Common factors that causes leaky water pipes are:

Temperature fluctuation: In a high temperature oxidation occurs at a high rate that corrodes the metallic substance of pipes faster and causes leaks in pipes. In a very low temperature, pipes get frozen and expansion of pipes causes pipe bursting and water leakage problems.

Water pressure: Unregulated pressure in your pipes can break the pipes and causes leaks. It is important to use a water regulator to maintain adequate water velocity in pipes. So that no wreck in pipes don’t hamper your daily life.

PH level of water: If the water pH level goes below 7, it means water is acidic. If the plumbing system is having copper pipes, then in acidic water the protective layer of copper oxide begins to dissolve and causes corrosion that causes further leaks in pipes.

Degradation or shifting of plumbing system: Plumbing system gets old with time and pipes, faucets, drainage etc. begin to deteriorate and cause leakage. Gradual shifting of plumbing foundation can also cause damage in pipes.

Clogs: Food particles, hair or some other small objects can clog the drains and slow water flow in pipes. Clogs at joints of pipes eventually causes leaks due to accumulation of things.

Rusted and old pipes: Rusted and old pipes are more exposed towards the leakages as they require high maintenance than new PVC pipes which don’t get rusted easily.

If you are facing any water leakage problem, then repair and replace faulty plumbing components. Check your plumbing system regularly to prevent further damage.