Good oral health is very important for a healthy life style. There is a strong co-relation between oral health and overall health. At every stage of life, oral health is essential for improving self-esteem and self-confidence.

Taking care of dental health is an important aspect of your health. Neglecting dental care habits can cause various oral health issues. Poor oral health can improve the risk of occurrence of the following problems:

• A long term infection in gums can be harmful for your heart. Some periodontal bacteria can block blood vessels and improve the risk of coronary heart diseases.
• Tooth loss can affect bones and tissues around your teeth that increases the risk of stroke.
• Body’s metabolism can be affected by gum disease that increase the blood sugar level and can cause diabetes.
• Periodontal disease can create complications in pregnancy.
• Poor dental health affects blood pressure and bone health that can also lead to kidney failure.
• There is a link between mental health and gum disease. Stress, anxiety, depression etc. can increase the amount of cortisol hormone which further increase the risk of periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is most common oral health disease. The signs of gum diseases can be gum bleeding or swollen gums. This can result in destruction of gum tissue and bone. For maintaining oral health one must visit the dentist at least once in a month for a regular checkup.

Good oral health not only makes your smile beautiful and healthy but also helps you to make your teeth stronger and it also effect on your health too. You do not feel shy to be a part of social gatherings if you have sound oral health.

By taking care of your dental health, you can reduce the consequences of many serious health issues. Maintaining a great oral health doesn’t take a lot of effort. Good dental care habits including brushing, flossing daily and regular visit to your dentist can prevent you from getting prone to dental health problems and helps you to improve overall physical and mental health.