Water that enters into your home, must have a way for proper exit after it’s been used. In absence of proper drainage system, many issues like water logging, water accumulation, sewer problems in or near your house can damage your property and affect your health. So a systematic drainage system must be installed in your home and regular maintenance is also very necessary.

Some major issues that your drainage system can face are:

Pipe erosion: Pipes get old with time and the chemical which flows through them eventually thins the pipes and cause deterioration. It leads to leaks and other drainage issues which disrupt our lives to a great extent.

Root intrusion: Underground pipe lines can be affected by growing roots. Roots can penetrate the pipes and cause blockage in pipes. It can affect your whole drainage system. Root intrusion not only disturbs the drainage system, but also leads to structural failures which can cause serious hazards on a long term basis.

Blockage in pipelines: Many objects like plastic toys, sanitary items, food waste etc. when dropped in sinks or drainage lines, can get stuck to pipes and clog them. Sometimes the substances that are flowing through pipes can also create obstructions. These sticky substances cannot be removed easily and cause blockage in pipes.

Damage to the pipelines: Sometimes any sharp or brittle object can damage pipes internally. Pipes that are underground can be affected by soil shifting or any other natural occurrences. It can cause many drainage issues like leakage, blockage etc. and leave us searching for solutions.

These problems can cause severe damage to your plumbing system and can be very disturbing to your personal or professional life. To prevent these issues, you need to take proper care and regular maintenance of your plumbing system.