Clogging in pipes can be a major plumbing problem in our homes. Clogs slow down the normal draining process and can cause leakage from plumbing joints.

Clogs are irritating and hamper our daily life to a great extent. There are variety of reasons for pipe clogging. Some common causes of clogging are:

Food particles:

Kitchen sinks are usually clogged due to food particles that are poured down in the sink while washing off dishes. Food particles get stuck in pipes, eventually they accumulate and form a clog. This clog prevent the proper water flow which when left untreated can cause damage to pipelines.


Pouring grease in pipes is a major cause of clogging. It creates a sticky substance that traps food particles and other objects in pipes. When grease and other sticky things get collected over a place, it causes the formation of clog which creates hindrance in pipes.


It is a common cause for clogging in bathroom sinks, tub or shower pipes. Hair does not get degraded easily and accumulates quickly in pipes which resist the normal flow of liquids in pipes.

Soap scum:

Soap scum is the residual part of soap that can create acidic chemicals in pipes, it can create a solid plug and seal bathroom pipes completely. This not only degrades the pipes but create a clog when it gets in contact with other things inside the pipes.

Small objects:

It is a common situation when some small objects like paper objects, toys, bottle caps and other small objects fall down in bathroom sinks, shower or bathtub drains and kitchen sinks. It seals the pipes and cause a blockage.

Pipe clogging can be a frustrating, costly and time consuming situation. It is important to prevent above mentioned item to falling down in drains to avoid clogging. You should be careful about what is pouring down in drains. Pour hot water in drains on regular basis to prevent clogging.